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Eight Zombies vs Icy Pea Lady by MTP02 Eight Zombies vs Icy Pea Lady :iconmtp02:MTP02 1 0 EvilStep Solar Flare of Darkness by luvi05 EvilStep Solar Flare of Darkness :iconluvi05:luvi05 8 2 Friends by luvi05 Friends :iconluvi05:luvi05 6 2 Plants vs Zombies Peashooter by Faillen Plants vs Zombies Peashooter :iconfaillen:Faillen 46 9 Plants vs Zombies Mushrooms by Faillen Plants vs Zombies Mushrooms :iconfaillen:Faillen 47 3 Plants vs Zombies Sunflower by Faillen Plants vs Zombies Sunflower :iconfaillen:Faillen 65 22 Beta Pokemon - Honoguma by Palkachu Beta Pokemon - Honoguma :iconpalkachu:Palkachu 15 0 !Magical Plants Precure! by Epicling !Magical Plants Precure! :iconepicling:Epicling 25 22 Butterflies Flowers by luvi05 Butterflies Flowers :iconluvi05:luvi05 3 0 PvZ GW2 Party Rose (Speed Drawing) by SilverDreams7 PvZ GW2 Party Rose (Speed Drawing) :iconsilverdreams7:SilverDreams7 24 3 PvZ Tree dude concept by bearmantooth PvZ Tree dude concept :iconbearmantooth:bearmantooth 98 11 pvz: peashooter shy by choongmeikei02 pvz: peashooter shy :iconchoongmeikei02:choongmeikei02 18 12 Alan's Night: PG 1 by AlanMarsters Alan's Night: PG 1 :iconalanmarsters:AlanMarsters 3 15 PvZ Cartoon, Destiny of a Sunflower by leok64 PvZ Cartoon, Destiny of a Sunflower :iconleok64:leok64 17 11 PvZ Heroes Doodle: Citron by JackieWolly PvZ Heroes Doodle: Citron :iconjackiewolly:JackieWolly 34 22 pvz2: fire-pea pod (fan made) by goodpea2 pvz2: fire-pea pod (fan made) :icongoodpea2:goodpea2 9 16

The Plant Republic's Story

Request- Plant Republic Flag icon by HumbleCherry
As Crazy Dave is in command of LEAF, and all plants within the city limits, Zomboss thought he could organize an army of zombies that will take over the world, and all the brainz that came with it. As new Zombie technology was born, the zombies began their Invasion of the world. This army was known as Z-tech, the army which was supposively above any other army. As they began their attack, Many armies tried to shut them down by destroying them at their source, Zomburbia. Zomboss saw this coming in the first place, so he preemptively made a special kind of force-field that would put Z-tech in charge of any machine that enters it's perimiters, even missles! So many troops from around the world were lost, and the world was checkmated.
When all seemed hopeless, A new kind of army arose, THE PLANT REPUBLIC! The Plant Republic was immune to that meddelsome force-field because their weaponry wasn't machine based, or electrical, they have composite materials such as wood, and lawn in it's stead. So how does their tanks and planes drive? The answer lies within Rose's Sorcery. Any plant can control a vehicle thanks to a magic motor in every one. So as Z-Tech realized that The Plant Republic was the only hurdle, they had to eliminate that army! But to Zomboss's surprise, Dave is NOT the leader of this new threat. Instead, it is a strategic young man who had the knack for plants, and knew each of their strengths and weaknesses, Nyan!
Hello watchers and members of this group! I am just here to remind you that the anniversary of the franchise we all know and adore is on May 5.

If you want to make a really good tribute to it, you better start now! It'll only be a few weeks till the anniversary comes.



So i decided i should hold another art contest, the previous contest i held was on petunia, i had a lot of fun doing that contest.

  To enter this contest you must post a journal about you entering this contest with a link to it.

  Comment on this Journal with a link to your journal if you wish to enter, when i respond, you are entered.

  You must turn in the art before the ending date, or it will not be counted.

  If less than 10 people enter the contest, the contest will be called off. So pls spread the word to others.

  Contest Theme-  The theme of this contest will be the time controlling fluffy peashooter, Alice

Alice full body by DarkfurMew

  1st- 200 :points:
  2nd- 100 :points:
  3rd- 50 :points:
Participation- 12 :points:

Good luck to everyone who participates in the competition, or if anyone even wants to enter it. The end date of the competition is 4/21/17 or Friday 21st.
Got some big news. First off, I'm getting married to my lovely partner Karina. I never heard of a wedding since my time on Earth but when I recently found out I hope to make one come true since I couldn't stop of thinking about.

I had sent out some wedding invitations for my friends, allies, and family out there, and you know who you are. And I am happy for those who wrote back to me and that they will come to the big day. I really hope this wedding will turn out great.

First of however, a bachelorette party by yours truly down at the nice bar called the Sunny's bar not too far from Chomper's Pizza. I never thrown a party before, specially one like this one, but I bet it will be fun.

I will still send more invitations out there for others still yet to receive the invitations. Come join me at the bar to talk and enjoy time before the wedding. : D 

Give thanks to Argon for helping Karina and I. He also gets the honors of being the best man.

And thanks to Zombia for this idea. I didn't know about Bachelorette parties either. (Really need to research on more Earthling traditions and customs....)

Tonight at Sunny's bar. 8:30 pm.

-Pulse : )
Something really bright streaks across the night sky like a comet. Many think its just another shooting star like the thousands of others that happen frequently.

This one however, is not what many would expect.

The ball of light comes closer and closer until...


It impacts the ground with tremendous force making a loud explosion.

The impact site is now a big crater, the space rock making its center. 

Around the meteor, red and black bubbling liquid is trailing out of it.
A separate plant resistance group known as the Jinxed Republic has agreed to join our force. Here is the intel on the group by DarkfurMew:

The Jinxed Republic are a very heavily armed army of plants, special weapons, variants no other plants or zombies have seen before. For years the Jinxed Republichas been fighting the zombies and claiming land and planning on capturing all the land in North America, until they ran into Z-Tech. The plants hide in their bases so word wouldn't spread out to Z-Tech of a new plant army growing to fight. While away and hidden, the army in graded their weapons, armor, and vehicles, creating a fearsome army of plants. Jinxed Republic was only able to find Nec Rose's to be the rose's in their army, since their leader was also a  rose, and the Nec Rose's could weaken zombies, they welcomed them. When the Nec Rose's joined, they used their jinx magic to build weapons to jinx the zombies, and even other jinx plants. The army is mostly made up with CasterPeas, CasterPeas are heavily armored peashooters with a shield on their left arm and a plasma castor on their right arm, they are double the size of a normal peashooter, can't talk. The CasterPeas main weapon is the plasma caster, it works just like a plasma peas charged shot, but when shot at an enemy, the shot explodes and sends out 4 other fully charged plasma shots. There are still plenty of other plants in the army that aren't like every other plant in suburbia. The army has descovered another army of plants who have been fighting Z-Tech, The Plant Republic, Jinxed Republic prepares for battle and to make an entrance on The Plant Republic to join them.

These new Castor-Peashooters and jinxed weaponry will definitely be reliable assets to our army in the coming battles.
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